Wilma Lovely was born on July 8, 1924 on a farm in Calais, Vermont, where she lived until she was orphaned at age 10. She and her siblings were then raised at the Junior Order of American Mechanics home in Tiffin, Ohio, which she remembers with great fondness.

After graduating from high school, Wilma returned to Vermont and married Lloyd Lovely, a granite worker. After a number of years Lloyd began to collect metals and other “junk” on the side for resale and recycling. It was at this point that Wilma, who always had an artistic nature, began to see the potential of the colorful electrical wire, resisters, capacitors, and other components in televisions and other small appliances. She began to use them as art materials, creating colorful assemblages on old pieces of board.

Wilma at work in her home studio

Her early work used primarily wire and electrical components, but in recent years she has added glass, buttons, discarded jewelry, and other trinkets. It is a matter of pride for Wilma that everything she uses is recycled or re-used. Some of her recent pieces are constructed on antique pieces of roofing slates and old 78 rpm records, and show a high level of design and craftsmanship.

Birds are a frequent motif and potent symbol for Wilma. In one piece called For Us They Flew, seven birds represented the astronauts who died in the Challenger disaster. In other pieces they represent loyalty, joy, and peace. Flowers of many kinds are often seen in her work, as are abstract geometric forms in decorative backgrounds or as the primary design element.

Wilma, who is now a widow, is a strong, active, and creative person who continues to make new work at her home in Cabot, Vermont. She would like to see her art go out into the world and be presented to a wider audience. Almost all of the work on this website is for sale; prices range from $50 - $300. Contact the artist for prices.

A lifesize closeup of Spring Flowers

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